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Whatever you do, don’t be SMARMY


You may be asking yourself, what is SMARMY? Well it’s one of my new favorite words. Not only is it useful to understand a behavior, but it is also fun to say. Let’s say it together SMARMY.

This is really a cautionary tale for everyone. You may be in a job which requires you to attend endless functions, many times on task to make connection with an individual who represents a business you want to connect with, or a business you are asking for a donation from. Either way endless networking, schmoozing and socializing may cause you to put on a false front or be SMARMY.

Our good friends at Merriam-Webster have defined SMARMY

behaving in a way that seems polite, kind, or pleasing but is not genuine or believable

So it would suffice to say – SMARMY is the opposite of genuine. In this age of connectivity, it is easy to disconnect and be superficial providing a false front of what you think people want to see, read or hear.

Be bona fide and you will no doubt attract the same. JUST SAY NO TO SMARMY ūüôā


5 Ways to Network More Effectively


Do you find yourself attending networking groups over and over again with nothing to show for it? ¬†Oh sure you’re meeting people, exchanging cards and maybe even connecting on Facebook or Twitter. ¬†But are you wasting your time?

1. ¬†Do the math. ¬†How much are you spending at each networking event? ¬†Add up your time, your expense for a meals or drinks, and additional costs associated with the group. ¬†If you have been attending the same group for more than 3 months¬†and don’t have a new client or customer to show for it, it’s time to move on.

2. Do follow-up. ¬†Email the people you met at a networking event and offer an opportunity to connect again. ¬†It’s amazing how many people miss this. ¬†At a recent event for one of my clients, over 50 people attended. ¬†Only one of those 50 followed up with an email. ¬†What’s the point of gathering contact information if you don’t do anything with it.

3. Do not talk too much. Have you ever met someone who won’t shut up. ¬†They seem to be talking at you and not to you. ¬†Don’t be that person! ¬†If you are, people will start to avoid you like the plague.

4. Do Listen.  Did you know that the word silent can be made from the word listen?  Coincidence? I think not.  How will you ever learn what your potential client or customer wants or needs if you are not actively listening to what they are saying.

5. Do ask questions. ¬†I have said many times “networking is like dating”. ¬†You have to get to know the person. ¬†What better way to do that than ask questions? ¬†You should also jot down notes after your conversation to refer back to.

Time really is money, so don’t waste it.