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Whatever you do, don’t be SMARMY


You may be asking yourself, what is SMARMY? Well it’s one of my new favorite words. Not only is it useful to understand a behavior, but it is also fun to say. Let’s say it together SMARMY.

This is really a cautionary tale for everyone. You may be in a job which requires you to attend endless functions, many times on task to make connection with an individual who represents a business you want to connect with, or a business you are asking for a donation from. Either way endless networking, schmoozing and socializing may cause you to put on a false front or be SMARMY.

Our good friends at Merriam-Webster have defined SMARMY

behaving in a way that seems polite, kind, or pleasing but is not genuine or believable

So it would suffice to say – SMARMY is the opposite of genuine. In this age of connectivity, it is easy to disconnect and be superficial providing a false front of what you think people want to see, read or hear.

Be bona fide and you will no doubt attract the same. JUST SAY NO TO SMARMY ūüôā


Why physicians need to market themselves


Are you interested in growing your medical practice?

Well if you are a new physician right out of residency or an established physician who has experienced a decline in new patients, this blog’s for you.

It’s amazing to me how much time and energy our¬†political¬†candidates invest in traveling the country and meeting people and shaking hands. ¬†Why is this still done? ¬†Because its effective!

The same holds true for physicians.  Of course the area you will be traveling is your geographical service area for your patients.  How do you do this? Simple.

  • Sign up and attend every health fair held in your community or hosted by the¬†hospitals¬†where you have¬†privileges (for one year – then evaluate which ones you will attend the following year)
  • Brand your business – make sure all your marketing¬†collateral is consistent (put a professional picture of yourself on your business card)
  • Consider giveaways (promotional products) that make sense for your¬†specialty (let that be your trademarked item)
  • Offer free educational seminars at your office and invite the public
  • Join your local chamber of¬†commerce and get to know business leaders in your community
  • Play an active role in a local charity
  • Develop relationships with other physicians who may be good referral sources (drop bagels or¬†doughnuts¬†or bagels by their office every now and then)
  • Hire a marketing consultant to handle all of your marketing both on and offline

It works! ¬†People like to be able to meet a physician, and have a conversation outside the exam room. ¬†It’s about getting to know people.