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Why losing your “voice” can be bad for your business


While literally losing your voice is no picnic, it’s happened to me on occasion, figuratively it could spell disaster.

When I talk about VOICE I am drawing from my author perspective.  When I’m not working on project for clients I am an aspiring author of children’s literature.  The resounding comment from agents, editors and publishers is your VOICE.  What makes the way you tell your story uniquely you and does it engage the reader.

The VOICE of your business or your brand is key to your success.  It is also critical in the world of consultancy too.

1.  Don’t be a flip flop – constantly changing your approach, your methods, your product, to beat or stay ahead of the curve.  Adjustments are always necessary  but should be well thought out.

Circle of flip flops on grass.

2.  Consider criticism carefully and objectively

The Voice of your business may not be the Voice of another.  Don’t be foolish and reject constructive criticism.


3.  If your a manatee, be a manatee, don’t try to be a dolpinmanatee

If the VOICE of your business is to offer cutting web design, don’t be out there trying to sell yourself as a wedding planner


Eventually you will be discovered for being something your not.


I enjoy wearing lots of hats – both literally and figuratively and I try very hard to stay true to my VOICE for business because it’s what I have worked hard to establish and brand.


(thank goodness hats like these are not needed here in Florida, and flip flops can be the shoe of choice)


The Most Powerful Two Letter Word and Why You Need to Say It


You’ve met the type. They volunteer, not just for one thing, but usually for multiple ones. Their plate is full of family, work, or social activities. Maybe you can relate! For a person who is used to saying yes to additional activities, the idea of saying no seems unthinkable, foreign, or just plain wrong.

Well here’s the newsflash!

Saying yes to saying NO is necessary.

One thing my father told me when I went off to college was BALANCE. Don’t study all the the time, don’t play all the time. Many times doing too much good is bad because usually something else suffers because of it. Over committing yourself at work, home, or volunteering throws everything out of balance. Serving on too many volunteers boards, or doing too much work for free is also bad – especially if your clients or families or your health suffers because of it.

What is the most important thing in your life?

It may be ONE THING

You may still be figuring out what that is – and if you need a little help – City Slickers might be the movie you need to see.

Curly: “Do you know what the secret of life is?”
[He holds up one finger]
Curly: “This.”
Mitch: “Your finger?”
Curly: “One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean s–t.”
Mitch: “But what is the one thing?”
Curly: [smiles] “That’s what you have to find out.”

The truth of the matter is if you are saying yes instead of saying no to things which directly negatively impact your 1 or 10 things, you are doing yourself a horrible wrong.

So I leave you with a challenge – before you commit to adding one more thing to your day, your to do list, your busy – think long and hard how about the ripple effect. It may not be such a big thing – but it is one more thing.


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New Year’s Irresolutions


Does the Thought of News Years Resolutions leave you feeling like this?Image

After reading an article debunking the myth of how habits take 21 days to form, take heart there’s a better way to approach the new year and your business goals.

  • When January 1 rolls around, don’t attempt to change lots of things, focus on one small change that can make a big difference
  • Change can happen any time during the year – not just in January
  • Change doesn’t have to occur- if it ain’t broke don’t fix it – remember NEW COKE?
  • Don’t be fearful of change – especially by your critics.

So as you are pondering the possibilities of 2014, don’t forget

If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.

Michael Jordan

Online/Offline Marketing


The Republican National Convention isn’t the only show coming to Tampa!

Do you want to grow your business and make it more profitable utilizing online/offline marketing?

Enter this date on your calendar, August 6th, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (ET)

Greater Tampa Association of Realtors® Auditorium
2918 W Kennedy Ave
Tampa, FL 33609

I am honored to present my success strategies for offline or face to face marketing.  With out a doubt, it’s still the most effective form of communication. And it can be fun! It’s time to get out of the office, from behind the screen and get real, up close, in person to make new contacts and stay connected both online and offline.

Mike Mueller Mike Mueller is a former Mortgage Banker, Mortgage Broker turned “Tech Geek” who specializes in Social Media. He is a nationally recognized builder of engaging Custom Facebook Business Pages and WordPress blogs.

Mike writes, a blog dealing with social media and technology. He publishes articles in the San Francisco Examiner and the BusinessWeek Exchange. AreWeConnected is listed in Alltop and ranked by AdAge. He has been interviewed and quoted in articles for BankRate, Scripps, the San Jose Mercury News and others, (including the front page of The Wall Street Journal for writing mortgage related Haikus).

Cyndee Haydon is a straight talking full time Realtor® with Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc, in Clearwater Florida specializing in the “bluest backyards”. She uses technology especially video to leverage the ability to connect with their ideal clients. They have successfully grown their real estate business 356% over the last 4 years.

Craig Grant, “The Real Estate Tech Guru”, is one of the TOP Technology and Marketing Instructors around delivering over 100 speaking engagements to over 5000 REALTORS each year. As his motto, “Advanced Real Estate Technology Instruction at a Pre-K Level” states his job is to make the confusing world of technology EASY and FUN for everyone! Craig was the 2011 Chairman of Education & Technology for Florida REALTORS®, Member of their GRI Task Force, member of REEA & a Top Technology & Marketing Consultant for REALTORS®.

Jeremy Blanton is originally from Reading, PA and moved to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1998 after graduating from high school. Shortly after moving to the area, he attended Coastal Carolina University where he graduated in Business Management.
He is excited to help advise you about how to increase your online presence through the use of the various social media platforms.

Lynn Van Meter, is the CEO, Owner of Fiddlehead Marketing Advertising Public Relations, located in Spring Hill, Florida. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration, and a BA in Public Relations. In addition to developing marketing & advertising campaigns for businesses, her niche and passion is face-to-face marketing, spreading the news about businesses by shaking hands and engaging in conversation.



Recently I was conducting a Focus Group on re-branding. During our session, one attendee commented he has stopped going to trade shows.  He is using You Tube to promote his products.

Interestingly enough the value of the spoken word is still a very powerful force!  Technology gives you the opportunity to really be seen and heard.  Of course what you say still has to be relevant, meaningful and believable.

I am curious to learn how many followers of this blog are using You Tube to promote their business.  I want to hear about it from you and see it on the “tube” which is really ironic if you really think about it.

If you have a You Tube Video please include the link in your post – if possible.

Totally Tubular!