Why losing your “voice” can be bad for your business


While literally losing your voice is no picnic, it’s happened to me on occasion, figuratively it could spell disaster.

When I talk about VOICE I am drawing from my author perspective.  When I’m not working on project for clients I am an aspiring author of children’s literature.  The resounding comment from agents, editors and publishers is your VOICE.  What makes the way you tell your story uniquely you and does it engage the reader.

The VOICE of your business or your brand is key to your success.  It is also critical in the world of consultancy too.

1.  Don’t be a flip flop – constantly changing your approach, your methods, your product, to beat or stay ahead of the curve.  Adjustments are always necessary  but should be well thought out.

Circle of flip flops on grass.

2.  Consider criticism carefully and objectively

The Voice of your business may not be the Voice of another.  Don’t be foolish and reject constructive criticism.


3.  If your a manatee, be a manatee, don’t try to be a dolpinmanatee

If the VOICE of your business is to offer cutting web design, don’t be out there trying to sell yourself as a wedding planner


Eventually you will be discovered for being something your not.


I enjoy wearing lots of hats – both literally and figuratively and I try very hard to stay true to my VOICE for business because it’s what I have worked hard to establish and brand.


(thank goodness hats like these are not needed here in Florida, and flip flops can be the shoe of choice)


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