Three stupid mistakes killing your business that are so obvious, you’ll feel like an idiot after you read this! You can thank me now!


So you’ve worked hard for years to build a thriving business.  Your business has a great reputation and they tell their friends about your business.  Then it happens…. customers start leaving, maybe so gradually you don’t even notice.  YOU SHOULD NOTICE!

Dollar for dollar it’s much cheaper to retain an existing customer then attract a new one.

Killer #1 – Your front office staff is rude.  – no explanation needed

Killer #2 – Your establishment looks worn or visibly dirty. – paint is cheap, no one wants to eat or visit a medical office that is gross!

Killer #3 – You ignore #1 & #2

This is not rocket science.  Daily I hear of customers leaving other offices in search of a better one and it’s not because of the end service they are unsatisfied with.  It’s the obvious stuff.  Don’t be stupid – you’re smarter than that!


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  1. Good one, Lynn. Yep, not rocket science! I don’t have a brick and mortar office, but what I send out on documents has to look good. And it’s a lot of work to get a client – so why lose even one out of laziness??? -Dana

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