Advertising is like a hurricane


I have been transfixed by the colorful satellite images of Hurricane Issac over the past few days, much to the dismay of my many Facebook friends, due mostly to my excessive posting of said images, like the one below.  I digress….

Watching Issac meander its way methodically past the west coast of Florida, it causes me to think about advertising.

The hurricane starts as a small movement, slowly gaining in size and strength, not to dissimilar to an advertising campaign.

Promotion of a product begins gaining attention and interest.  Successful ad campaigns are like the perfect storm creating a broader reach while generating energy and excitement.

If you’re lucky your ad campaign will achieve a “CAT 5” status.

I also like the mindset of how people actually get ready for a hurricane. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, another advertising truism.

“Hurricane” Advertising – Get Swept Up In The Excitement!!


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