Stir It Up!


Stagnation in life and in business can be deadly.

Change can be challenging, frustrating and sometimes surprisingly rewarding.

If you don’t allow yourself to stretch beyond what you know – you may never find out who you can become.

Are you willing to take the challenge?

What is one thing about your business you need to change? Is it technical? Or is it personnel? Maybe you need to develop a new marketing approach, perhaps a little unconventional.

What ever you do – don’t just sit there, because the world of business is in constant motion – Stir It Up!


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  1. Thanks, Lynn. I need to put forward some of my more timely skills and I’ve been discovering that lately. Love your blog and the easy way you make it to navigate – short sentences, white space. short paragraphs, and one simple message well-directed. Good writing!!!!


  2. I have stepped back and tool a look at the big picture when I am talking with my potential members and realized I need to listen a whole lot more. I feel good about my change and even better that someone opened my eyes to what I already knew all along. Thanks for the blog Fiddlehead!!

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